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* Over the last year and a half, the board, strategic planning committee, and members of the community, have convened under a strategic planning process started by past-president Dr. Martina Moore. We are proud to share results of that process as it effects the Mission and Vision statements.  The board unanimously approved of the below statements, and in addition, unanimously desired community participation and a period of feedback.  Mission and vision statements are renewed as a part of periodic strategic planning. Mission Statements relate to the core functions, values, and inclusively "who we are", whereas a vision statement is a concise aspiration of our what we are becoming. Please provide your input as a member by way of a linked survey which will be up and running shortly. Below you can see the old and new Mission and Vision statements side by side.  Linked Survey (member Login required).

Current Mission Statement

We value the dignity of the individual and the right for each to function as an agentic human being in the context of social and cultural milieus. We value authentic human relationships that contribute to the actualization of individuals and communities. As such, we are devoted to facilitating the client’s development and becoming in the world, holding the experience and authority of the client in the highest regard. 

Proposed New Mission Statement 

We are counselors who honor human beings individually and collectively.  We cultivate authentic human relationships that contribute to the actualization of individuals within cultures and communities. We foster counseling practice, education, scholarship, advocacy and mentorship emerging from the Humanistic traditions.

Current Vision Statement

The vision of the Association for Humanistic Counseling is to:
(a) promote the growing body of theoretical, empirical, and applied knowledge informing human development and potential and counseling and educational practices;
(b) encourage philosophical reflection on counseling practices and outcomes; and
(c) foster, cultivate, advocate for counseling, supervisory, and educational policies and practices that benefit individuals within their communities, environments, and cultures.

Proposed New Vision Statement

A global community of humanistic counselors who honor, respect and care for human rights, potential, and dignity.

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