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Above all, we are counselors.

The definition of counseling according to the 20/20 task force is: Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.

The Association for Humanistic Counseling (AHC) is one of the four founding divisions of the American Counseling Association. It is made up counseling professionals who work in a variety of settings whose bond is a philosophy (See the Humanistic Philosophy link for more information) rather than a work setting, and who use their skills and expertise to empower, advocate, and make a difference. Any counselors interested in humanistic principles in human development are welcome.

AHC encourages the development of the whole person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects; promotes the dignity and worth of the individual within the context of community and culture; recognizes and cherishes diversity in an increasingly multicultural society; promotes advocacy within our profession, our home, and world communities; identifies cutting edge issues for counseling and human development professionals; and encourages dialogue and promotes solutions.


We value the dignity of the individual and the right for each to function as an agentic human being in the context of social and cultural milieus. We value authentic human relationships that contribute to the actualization of individuals and communities. As such, we are devoted to facilitating the client’s development and becoming in the world, holding the experience and authority of the client in the highest regard.

To accomplish this Mission, the vision of the Association for Humanistic Counseling is to:
(a) promote the growing body of theoretical, empirical, and applied knowledge about human development and potential;
(b) encourage philosophical reflection on counseling practices and outcomes; and
(c) advocate for counseling, supervisory, and educational policies and practices that benefit individuals within their communities, environments, and cultures.

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