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AHC Webinar Series

February Webinar

Thursday, February 27th, 8pm EST

Humanistic Approaches to Addressing Race-Based Trauma and Ally Development


Amanda M. Evans, Ph.D.

Briana Gaines, M.A., Dwayne White, M.A.,  Darius Green, M.A.,  Brittany Williams, M.A., and Ashley Brown, M.A.


Acts of racism and discrimination are increasing in the United States. Whether intrapersonal, interpersonal or institutional/ systemic, racial discrimination can be traumatic. Race-based trauma (RBT) is described as the reactions to racial discrimination that can potentially lead to emotional pain, inability to cope, physical harm, and/or an overwhelming sense of helplessness (Evans, et al., 2016). Despite the increase of racial discrimination and the recognition of RBT, researchers have found that counselors are ill-prepared to identify and address racial trauma in the provision of counseling services (Evans & Hemmings, 2018).

The purpose of this presentation is to provide humanistic counselors with tools to identify and address RBT. Beginning with historical and research evidence, the presenters will share their current research highlighting the pervasiveness of racial trauma amongst People of Color (POC). Stemming from these presentations and conversations, the presenters will then share their clinical recommendations for addressing RBT using a humanistic perspective and in supervising counselors who work with RBT.

Learning Objectives:

1) Initiate a discussion on identifying and addressing race-based       trauma (RBT);

2) Present humanistic approaches to counseling and supervision that acknowledge RBT;

3) Share current research on racism, discrimination and social          change initiatives.

(1.0 NBCC CEU)


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