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AHC Webinar Series

January Webinar

Soldiers’ Heart:

Counseling Combat Veterans

at End of Life

 Dr. Cynthia Briggs – LPC(NC), NCC


Wednesday, January 9th, 2019  @ 8pm EST 

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Webinar Description

Counselors may feel unequipped to address the needs of veterans at end-of-life, but must develop skill and courage for these conversations. Counselors can play a significant role in supporting veterans in the transition from life to death.

Combat veterans who reach the end of life have special needs that are often unexplored and under-researched within the counseling profession. These men and women often carry unresolved grief, trauma, guilt, and shame as they approach death, as well as pride in their accomplishments and a longing for the brotherhood and camaraderie the military provided for them. These complex emotions can be challenging to resolve and express, and combat veterans are often reluctant to share their most painful memories with their closest loved ones out of fear of burdening them with difficult memories.

This presentation draws upon 90+ interviews with WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam war veterans, as well as contemporary research and practice. Historical and archetypal themes will be discussed, as well as practical tips for supporting veterans in achieving a peaceful death.

 Stories of the past and stories of today, cultural stories, stories of honor, stories of exclusion and stories of inclusion all have their places at the table of social healing.  As Paul and Nina tell their story of this social change work-in-progress, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to find and identify the types of stories to use for healing storytelling in their own communities.

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