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AHC Webinar Series

October Webinar

Tuesday, October 29th, 8pm EST

Exploring the Many Faces of Empathy from a Humanistic Counseling perspective 

Brett D. Wilkinson, Ph.D., LMHC


This webinar will address how a humanistic-phenomenological perspective on empathy can expand our understanding of the therapeutic relationship and therapeutic change practices. Research on three well-established empathy subtypes (i.e.; empathic concern, perspective-taking, and emotional contagion) are examined along with their implications for humanistic practice. Also explored is the proposal by Eugene Gendlin that a fourth empathy-related notion (i.e.; Befindlichkeit, denoting an implicit mood underlying felt-sense experiencing) is the phenomenological bedrock for empathic attunement. Clinical implications for understanding therapeutic contact and change processes in light of the four empathic modalities will be examined along with examples of how each modality is uniquely enacted in practice.

(1.0 NBCC CEU)


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