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AHC Webinar Series

December Webinar

Monday, December 9th, 8pm EST

The Formation of Self in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism

John Dewell Ph.D.


Kevin Foose Ph.D.

Surveillance Capitalism is a critique of current economic forces proposed by Harvard psychologist Shoshana Zuboff that examines the impact hyper-capitalism and ubiquitous technology have on contemporary culture. This webinar will explore the emergence of the phenomena of surveillance capitalism and its lineage to historical forms of American capitalism.  The presenters will examine the impact of current technological and economic practices on self-formation relevant to the field of counseling from the perspective of the Humanist tradition as well as the Post- modern lens. Special attention will be given to the function and role of the individual in surveillance capitalism and the impact of technological and economic practices on human relationships. As big data emerges as an ever-increasing regulating factor in people’s lives, individuals increasingly participate in economic practices specifically designed toward the de-actualization of self as a mechanism of economic exploitation. The presenters will examine the force of these practices on the contemporary individual’s relationship with self and other as well as the impact on mental and emotional health. Potential paths toward the revitalization of self will be discussed as alternate responses beyond perpetual psychological and technological adaptations that sap agency and power from people’s lives.

Learning Objectives:

1. Examine the conceptual framework of Surveillance Capitalism

2. Understand its impact on self-formation

3. Understand clinical interventions towards therapeutic change

(1.0 NBCC CEU)


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