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Association for Humanistic Psychology


Purpose: We are educators, doctors, nurses, human service workers, community activists, organizational development professionals, students, writers, musicians, artists, health and social workers, counselors, scientists, architects, business people, politicians, spiritual leaders, homemakers, trades people, anyone who shares humanistic values and wants to make a difference. While it has humanized and revolutionized psychology with its emphasis on our conscious ability to choose and create, AHP is not just for psychologists.

Leadership/Contact Information: Carroy Ferguson (617-287-7232; and Leland Baggett (

Society for Humanistic Psychology


Purpose: The society represents a constellation of "humanistic psychologies" that includes the earlier Rogerian, transpersonal and existential orientations as well as the more recently developing perspectives of phenomenological, hermeneutic, constructivist, feminist and postmodern (social constructionist) psychologies. We seek to contribute to psychotherapy, education, theory, research, epistemological diversity, cultural diversity, organization, management, social responsibility and change. In particular, we have been at the forefront in the development of qualitative research methodologies. Our longstanding interest in the well-being of all persons, and in the importance of living life with purpose and meaning, places humanistic psychology in kindred and even foundational relationship with the more recent positive psychology movement In expanding our self-conception we invite participation from APA members, associates and student affiliates who are open to the challenge of broadening the frontiers of psychology for the 21st Century.

Humanistic psychology aims to be faithful to the full range of human experience. Its foundations include philosophical humanism, existentialism and phenomenology. In the science and profession of psychology, humanistic psychology seeks to develop systematic and rigorous methods of studying human beings, and to heal the fragmentary character of contemporary psychology through an ever more comprehensive and integrative approach. Humanistic psychologists are particularly sensitive to uniquely human dimensions, such as experiences of creativity and transcendence, and to the quality of human welfare. Accordingly, humanistic psychology aims especially at contributing to psychotherapy, education, theory, philosophy of psychology, research methodology, organization and management, and social responsibility and change.

Existential-Humanistic NorthWest (EHNW)


The Existential-Humanistic NorthWest (EHNW) professional organization is in its fifth year. EH NorthWest is a non-profit organization made up of healing professionals who aim to live, demonstrate, and promote  existential-humanistic values in the Pacific Northwest.This organization has over 250 people signed up as “Friends of EHNW.” In 2015, EHNW will become a non-profit membership organization and continue with peer study groups, peer consultation groups, and bi-monthly peer presentation & networking lunch meetings. On the horizon is the third annual workshop, scheduled for Friday, October 2nd in Portland, Oregon. For more information or to be added to the Friends of EHNW list, go to EHNW's website or contact Bob Edelstein at (503) 288-3967.

Albuquerque Humanistic Counseling Collective


Mission: Our primary motive in creating this local group is to serve each of you, while we are serving each other and the many communities affiliated with each of us. Too often after one's graduate program there is a disconnect between one's studies and one's eventual professional practice. What better to keep people connected and satiated intellectually than around shared ideas implicit to humanistic philosophy (it should be noted that philosophic humanism is different than spiritual or secular humanism).

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