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Branches of AHC

Texas Association for Humanistic Education and Development

Purpose: The mission of TAHEAD is to promote positive human growth and development through counseling, education and advocacy. To this end, the association provides for the exchange of information about humanistically oriented counseling, administration and instructional practices, and encourages cooperation with related professional groups interested in the development of the individual.


Leadership/Contact Information:

Director - Genna Vivona
Senator – Pauline Moseley
President - Lillian Young
President Elect - Melissa Gad
Treasurer/Secretary - Erica Lewis
Emergent Leader - Dennette Gardner

Michigan Association for Humanistic Education and Development

Purpose: Michigan Association for Humanistic Education and Development offers opportunities for professionals to promote and share humanistic principles and practices concerning teaching/learning environments, counseling situations, and leadership styles. People have unique ways of expressing their beliefs and practices. The focus is on people helping people develop and contribute to society. MAHEAD gives members the chance to demonstrate their caring and commitment by writing about new developments, participating in workshops, encouraging humanistic counseling and education, promoting issues in learning and workplace environments, facilitating humanistic practices in research and serving as a guardian of human rights.


Leadership: David N. Elkins ( and Louis Hoffman (

North Carolina Association for Humanistic Counseling

Purpose: The North Carolina Association of Humanistic Education and Development is committed to the implementation of human development practices with emphasis on educating the whole person.

Leadership: President: Melia Kizer ( Secretary/Treasurer: Regina Moro (

For information on creating a branch of AHC, please review our bylaws and contact us.

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