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AHC Awards and Grant Committee

Each year, the Association for Humanistic Counseling (AHC) Awards and Grant Committee recognizes and celebrates the achievements of AHC members and other professionals who have distinguished themselves through their humanistic work.  The AHC awards committee celebrates the humanistic accomplishments and contributions of counselors by having numerous competitive award categories available.  Information about each award and its nomination process is included in this packet.Nominations for an AHC national award may be made by any AHC member as well as any non-member based on the individual requirements outlined for the award. In addition, award recipients and their accomplishments will be featured in Counseling Today and InfoChange, our AHC newsletter.  The decisions for the award recipients are based on the criteria and requirements outlined in our 2018-2019 Packet per award.  For question and submissions email

Applications are due by December 31, 2018 and then the chairs of the AHC awards committee will notify nominees and nominators of the outcome by late January.

AHC Call for Awards 2019  NOW OPEN!

Honoring a colleague, student, practitioner, advocate, or researcher by nominating is critical to our sense of community. Thanks for sharing your gratitude and appreciation!

The 2018-2019 AHC National Awards recipients will be recognized at the AHC Awards Meeting at the 2019 ACA Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

AHC National Awards

The Association for Humanistic Counseling invites nominations for National Awards. Open award categories include the following. 

  • Humanistic Leadership Award: The Humanistic Leadership Award was established to recognize an AHC member who served AHC for a several years and provided leadership to the organization.
  • Past President’s Award: The Past President’s Award is to recognize the service, dedication, and accomplishments of past AHC presidents.
  • Past Editor’s Award: Past Editors of the Journal of Humanistic Counseling are recognized for their service and dedication in keeping our journal quality high and its leadership for our field strong.
  • Humanistic Clinician Award: The Humanistic Clinician Award was established to recognize a clinician who holds a notable humanistic philosophy of counseling that resulted in an impact on the community or clients.
  • Distinguished Journal Reviewer Award: The Distinguished Journal Reviewer Award was established to recognize a journal reviewer for J-HCEAD who provides timely and high-quality reviews.
  • Humanistic Educator/Supervisor Award: The Humanistic Educator/Supervisor Award was established to recognize an AHC member who demonstrates a humanistic philosophy of teaching or supervision, resulting in a significant impact on the development of students / new professionals through teaching, advising, supervision, and/or mentoring.
  • Humanistic Impact Award: The Humanistic Impact Award was established to recognize a professional who, throughout a long-term career, has made a significant and long-lasting impact on the counseling profession, especially through educating counselors and/or producing research and scholarship that upholds humanistic values.
  • Humanistic Advocacy and Social Justice Award: The Humanistic Advocacy and Social Justice Award was established to recognize a AHC member who has served as a significant advocate for social justice issues.
  • Humanistic Dissertation Award: The Outstanding Humanistic Dissertation Award honors a counseling graduate student, who is a member of AHC, and who wrote an outstanding dissertation with central and salient humanistic content, and successfully defended the dissertation during the designated time frame for this award year.
  • The Joe and Lucille Hollis Publication Award: The Hollis Award recognizes leadership and expertise in publishing in the counseling field. This award honors an AHC member or members who have made significant contributions to publishing in the counseling field that is relevant to the humanistic philosophy in counseling.
  • Make a Difference Grant: This grant supports graduate research with a humanistic philosophy, by students in a counseling program, which will make a difference for the population under study. The awarding of the grant is based on the humanistic characteristics and quality of the project as described in application.

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