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2020 AHC National Conference


Denver, Colorado --- May 28th – May 31st, 2020

Hyatt Regency Aurora/Denver

Conference Theme: Raising the Question of the Meaning of Being Human in Humanistic Counseling

Deadline for proposals: November 22nd, 2019

URL link for proposal submission:

Questions about the conference:

Information about proposals

Participants who plan to attend the AHC National Conference are invited to submit proposals to present in one hour and 50-minute sessions or panels, 50-minute education sessions, 50-minute roundtable sessions, or 30-minute poster presentations.  The AHC conference committee will review the proposals.  Presentations should explore the question of personhood or being a self in the context of counseling practice, research, supervision, or education. For example, a presentation might focus on the topic of human nature in private practice settings. A presentation might explore how to teach holism in instructional contexts. Or, a presentation might address the source of problems that prompt a person to seek help from a counselor. Presenters are welcome to integrate content from the fields of sociology, anthropology, philosophy, literature, and/or history.

Additional topics might include:

·       The question of human freedom vs. determinism

·       The question of altruism vs. egoism

·       Individualistic vs. collectivistic models of being a person

·       Biological essentialism vs. social constructionism

·       Modern vs. postmodern views of the self

·       The intersection of trauma research and views of the self

·       The question of being a person and the problem of suicide

·       The “self” that is taken for granted in self-esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy, etc.

·       The question of human nature vs. culture

·       Humanism and the counseling profession

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